A 6-step revolutionary program, the Systematic Attitude Development-Technique has helped people overcome their fears, improve their attitude, accomplish their goals, and move forward, even in the midst of a crisis. "Unstoppable: 6 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Goals" is both a parable and a coaching book. You will have the opportunity to meet three siblings, Mariella, Mabel, and Jack, who face the all too common challenges of life: weight issues, relationship break-up, job loss, job stagnation, and failed dreams. As is typical in life, they find themselves held hostage by emotion, unable to take the necessary steps to move forward. Together, they use the Systematic Attitude Development-Technique (SAD-T) to not only get logical and change their lives, but also successfully achieve their goals. The coaching portion of the book provides you with the easy practical steps to apply SAD-T and achieve extraordinary results in your own life.

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