A Proven Model for Becoming a Customer–Driven Organization "Jay Galbraith has once again tackled a complex subject and made it not only clear but deeply engaging for his readers. The result is an excellent practical road map for organizations trying to develop customer–centric solutions." ?Israel Makov, president and CEO, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. "Jay Galbraith is one of the world?s premier experts in organization design, having vast knowledge of both the theory and practice of creating sustainable competitive advantage. P&G?s new organization structure is producing significant competitive advantage, and uses many of the concepts of customer–centricity detailed by Jay." ?Keith E. Lawrence, director of human resources, Global Beauty, P&G "In a world where business success or failure is increasingly dependent on a company?s ability to align its resources around the customer, this book is a must–read that describes in very practical terms how large...

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