No one likes Millwall. They don't care. But what does it really take to be a part of this team, or a supporter?A self-published bestseller and British Sports Books Awards 2011 nominee, Michael Calvin's Family provides a unique glimpse into the soul of a real football club. Award-winning sports writer Calvin follows Millwall through an emotional promotion season. There for the first day of training, he was on the substitutes' bench at Wembley, 333 days later. He vividly portrays players and management as family men, close to their roots. In captain Paul Robinson's words : 'We're playing for the people who hate their jobs, who'd love our lives.' Forget the glitz of the Premier League - this is the beautiful game in all its raucous glory. Intimate and compelling, Calvin's unforgettable picture of Millwall football club is essential reading for anyone for whom football is far more than just a game. 'Vivid and poignant. It paints portraits of players as people living in the real world, not the 7-Star hotels of Dubai. Men existing in their communities as central figures, not protected in gated communities from the hoodies.' Daily Express

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